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Map illustrating the Dulles Corridor's path along the Dulles Access Road (267).

As a result of its vicinity to Washington D.C., Northern Virginia was amongst the first regions in the United States to witness the beginning of internet commercialization. Since the 1980s, the Northern Virginia region has experienced rapid economic development with much focus on technology. Much of this development has taken place along the "Dulles Corridor," an area following the Dulles Access Road, a highway constructed in 1962 connecting the Capital Beltway (I-495) to the airport. Present within the Dulles Corridor are three hubs for MAE-East, an internet exchange point supplying much of the United States' internet access along the entire east coast. Also located within the Dulles area is the international organization known as The Internet Society (ISOC), dedicated to assure global cooperation in maintaining open standards for internet development.

The following directory is a partial list of organizations located within the Dulles area that may specialize in consulting, engineering, telecommunications, and other IT-related services. For your convenience, pages elaborating on employment opportunities for each respective organization are accessible directly under the "Employment Inquiries" category.